Ashover’s Jubilee Weekend

The band was pleased to be able to join in the Ashover celebrations for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. It is worthy of note that it was an historic occasion, the only previous one, ever, being Queen Victoria’s. She reigned for 64 years. Let’s hope we can all celebrate the breaking of Queen Victoria’s record and after that the Platinum (70th) Jubilee.

The only other two monarchs who came anywhere close were Edward III (56 years) and George III (59 years, 96 days).

Enough of the history!

We played at Grove House for the residents on the afternoon of Sunday, 3rd June and after that, at the Village Hall (Ashover Parish Hall to give it its correct name) for a service. The service should have been held in the open air, but the weather was dire, so indoors it had to be. These service are always very nice indeed, because as well as the band, we have music from the the excellent church choir and also from children of the parish.

We tend not to be good at photographing the band, but I remembered to ask Ed Wilmott (I hope I have spelt his name correctly), the council’s top man to use my phone to take some pictures. In the event, Ed asked someone who knew what he was doing to take some pictures instead. Our thanks go to Ron Eyley for the photos. He’s a great guy and can be found at

Enjoy the pics!

Here’s a view of the band. The gentleman on the left is Ralph, the vicar and the guy with his back to you in the dark suit is Andy, our conductor.

Here’s another general picture of the guys and gals. A bit better view of Andy!

This is the cornet section on the day. From the left, Alison, Alan, William and Leon.

Here you can see the baritones, euphomiums and trombones. The lady facing you is Rachel on the tenor horn and then you have Betty, Trevor (the band secretary), Dave and then on the trombones, Jez, John and Tom. Tom deserves a special mention. He is in his mid-eighties and is the conductor of Heague Brass Band. He is a great bloke and an example of what a brass band can do for you.

Monday morning! Thank goodness the weather picked up and we enjoyed a lovely day for a march round the village, leading the big parade. We are having a rest between march numbers. In the front row are Jez, Trevor and, hiding behind the bell of the Eb bass, Simon. You can see Jogn with the snare drum and Derek with his euphonium on the second row. Derek’s band is Youlgreave Brass band, but Derek regularly helps us out

We appreciate the fact that we participate in all the village events. Ashover is a lovely village, with a terrific community spirit. Almost everyone in Ashover turns out whenever there is a celebration.

Until next time …

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